Thursday, December 20, 2007

~ Hello Blog World ~

Wow! the time is finally here, I've entered the world of bloggers.
A friend recently told me (and fellow blogger) "once you you start blogging your life will never be the same".
I'm not quite sure what she meant but I'm sure I'll find out soon.......

I'd like to first of all thank the talented Shawn Ostrowski
from Eclectic Whimsy Designs for my beautiful & romantic blog design. You can visit Shawn's website here as well as her blog at

Thank you Shawn!

Well were do I go from here........... oh "me".
My name is Elizabeth

I'm a wife and mother of three, two girls (soon to be 15 & 17)
and a little boy (7).
I've been married going on 22 years in March! Yay!!!
I am an Interior Designer and I've always loved to decorate.
I love the romantic, shabby chic, cottage decor.

I can remember as a child arriving home from school walking in the door only to find that my mom had spent the whole day arranging and changing the living room. Things were never in the same place in our home for very long. I too would change my bedroom around over and over again. It drove my younger sister........ crazy!

As I grew older I loved to read magazines and books anything that focused on decorating. I still to this day can't go into a store and not buy just one or maybe two or three!

My husband so many times along with my children have come home only to find that I've been working hard arranging and moving things around or that rooms have been totally redecorated. I guess it's in my blood, something my mother handed down to me and now I've handed it down to my younger daughter. She too arranges and changes her bedroom which she shares with her older sister and it drives her.........crazy!
So through this blog I plan to bring some ideas that will help inspire you. To help you add some romance into your home. I will be featuring some of my favorite stores where I get some of my inspirations. Also some decorating projects I'll be doing as well and so much more that I'll save for another time.
So you must stay tuned in............
Until we meet again and remember
live life Beautifully!